Month: September 2018

Houston Applicant Tracking Software

Hiring managers are faced with myriad challenges when it comes to finding star talent. From receiving too many unqualified applicants to high competition in the job market, recruiting is not what it was a decade ago. With an ever-growing gap between the demand for top talent and the number of jobs in the market, Houston, […]

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Houston Staffing Software

In order to hire the best, you’ll have to attract the best candidates. But the truth is, many Houston companies are faced with a huge challenge when it comes to sourcing top talent. To grab the attention of top performers and encourage them to apply, companies need to find a new, innovative technologies in order […]

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New York City Applicant Tracking System

Finding the right people to fill positions at your business can be difficult, especially in an area with so many seemingly qualified job seekers. So how do you sort out the right candidates for your openings? The TestedRecruits New York City applicant tracking system has been specifically designed to help you manage the challenges faced […]

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