Office Assistant Applicant Tracking Software

Keeping track of your job applications at different stages of the hiring process can be a headache for any business. If you’re searching for a qualified and experienced office assistant, secretary, or receptionist for your company, you need a recruiting solution that can source the best candidates quickly while saving your team valuable resources.

TestedRecruits office assistant applicant tracking software allows you to quickly and easily source and screen applicants while providing deeper insights into each candidate to ensure you’re only hiring the best of the best.

Revolutionary Skills Test Feature

With our revolutionary skills test feature, each job applicant automatically receives a basic skills tests from our free library of tests, or you can customize your own test using our intuitive editing tools. Once the applicant submits the test, your team can review the results, rank each candidate, and make better hiring decisions using the information.

Avoid the time-consuming and exhausting process of poring over resumes and wondering whether an applicant is the right candidate for the job. TestedRecruits brings you a complete solution that features job board posting, interview tools, and analytics.

The TestedRecruits office assistant applicant tracking software features several advantages over other recruiting systems, including:

  • Easy 4-Step Setup  The TestedRecruits software is designed to be easy to use and learn. Follow our 11-minute walkthrough video and get started in four easy steps.
  • Seamless Integration  Embed your job posts on your site with a single line of code and use our API to customize the display of your job page to match your company’s branding.
  • Comprehensive Reporting  Where are applicants finding your jobs? Do certain job descriptions perform better than others? What’s your applicant-to-hire ratio? Get the insights you need into your applicant tracking and recruiting process.
  • Unlimited User Access  Our recruiting software allows you to add as many users as you wish to your company account for free. Designate specific permission levels to suit your needs.
  • Post Jobs on Google and Indeed  Find more high-quality candidates by extending your job marketing with our automatic job listing features to top job channels like Google and Indeed.  
  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing  Enjoy affordable and scalable multi-tier pricing that is designed to fit the needs of your business as you grow.
  • Dependable Support Experts  We offer fast and dependable support to answer all your questions via phone, video, or email.

Try TestedRecruits for Free Today

Want to learn more about TestedRecruits office assistant applicant tracking software? Our revolutionary recruitment and applicant tracking solution can help you find the best candidates you need to expand your team and increase your revenue. Find out how Coalition Technologies successfully used our ATS system to achieve double revenue figures and increase their monthly applications. Sign up to try our free trial now!

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