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In today’s highly competitive world, delays in hiring can cause employers to lose out on the top talent necessary to achieve sustainable growth. But recruiters face significant challenges when it comes to hiring, from limited resources to increased competition in the field. As these challenges continue to grow, it’s more important than ever that your recruiting team be equipped with technology that meets the demands of today’s job market.

The TestedRecruits Seattle ATS system is a revolutionary recruiting solution that makes it easy for hiring teams to manage their job openings, track applicants through the hiring funnel, and identify the best candidates in a fast, efficient way.

Innovative Skills Test Feature

Every business strives to get the best-qualified candidates for their job positions. How do you do it in a more streamlined way without wasting valuable time, money and effort? TestedRecruits offers an innovative skills tests feature which enables your team to accurately rate and rank each new applicant. With TestedRecruits, every applicant automatically receives a basic pre-written skills tests –– or a custom skills test you create with our intuitive editing tools. Once they complete this test, your team can assign a score, determine whether each candidate has the right qualifications to perform the job, and schedule follow-up interviews as necessary.

Compared to outdated hiring methods, our intelligent recruiting solution dramatically reduces the resources required to find high quality candidates the first time. Not only will you save valuable time and energy in the hiring process itself, but you can avoid wasted overhead in training the wrong hire who ultimately doesn’t work out. It’s the future of recruiting –– and it’s here today.

The TestedRecruits Seattle ATS system comes with a number of advantages, including:

  • Get Started Fast  Our applicant tracking software can be setup in four easy steps, ensuring your job postings are live online in about an hour.
  • Basic Skills Test Library  Access our huge library of basic skills tests free of charge.  
  • Automated Recruitment Process  Acquire the right talent for your company faster than ever and manage your candidates, clients, and contacts in a single centralized database.
  • Reliable and Comprehensive Reporting  Get a 360-degree view of your recruiting team efforts, know what applicants have passed your test, understand where improvements can be made, and much more.
  • Post Jobs Where it Matters  We offer you a simple and efficient way to post jobs on Google and Indeed so you can source the best talent available much faster.
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers  We understand that businesses want to scale their needs as they grow. That’s why we offer multiple tier pricing options, starting as low as $17 per month.
  • Friendly Support  We’re dedicated to providing the most dependable customer support. Have any questions? Contact our professional team via phone, email or video.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Recruit, source, and onboard great talent all within a single platform with the TestedRecruits Seattle ATS system. Using our revolutionary applicant tracking system, Coalition Technologies was able to achieve much higher numbers in applications and was even able to double their profits and revenue in the last year. Sign up today to start your free trial!

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