Secretary Applicant Tracking System

To grow your business the way you envision, you need employees who exceed your expectations––and a highly qualified secretary, assistant, or receptionist can make or break your ability to perform at your best. The TestedRecruits secretary applicant tracking system addresses the largest obstacles you face during the hiring process.

Our advanced recruiting solution can efficiently rate applicants, schedule interviews, and identify ways to improve your hiring process. TestedRecruits ensure you find the best candidate in short order, saving you the time, money, resources, and frustration of extending your search into a second or third round. Now you can grow your team at the rate you need to meet your goals.

Changing the Recruiting Game

With the TestedRecruits secretary applicant tracking system, you can take advantage of our comprehensive skills test feature, which assesses applicants on many of the basic yet crucial tasks they may need to perform in a secretarial role on a given day. You can use our pre-written skills test, or you can create a customized assessment that is expressly built for the job you are hiring. A clean, easy-to-use interface makes our recruiting software easy for you as well as your applicants.

No longer will you have to spend hours reviewing resumes and speculating on who is the right person to hire. No longer will you waste time and resources training applicants who are not good fits in your company. No longer will you have to put yourself through the tiresome process of interviewing candidates who exaggerated on their resumes.

Some of the other dynamic features of the TestedRecruits secretary applicant tracking system


  • Unlimited Users  You will never be charged for adding new users to the system.
  • No-Cost Support  Whether you want help via phone, email, or video, our support team can accommodate you — and for no added cost whatsoever.
  • Post to Google and Indeed  When you use TestedRecruits, your job postings can be automatically listed on Google and Indeed, attracting more qualified candidates.
  • Fast and Simple Start-Up  It takes less than an hour to get started. All it takes is four simple steps to post your job online.
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers  We understand that different businesses have different needs. That’s why TestedRecruits is available at different pricing tiers to suit your office.
  • Comprehensive Reports  By taking advantage of our analytics reports, you will have access to valuable insights on how effective your recruiting team performs and how you can improve.

Begin a Free Trial Today

Our results speak for themselves. In less than two years, we helped Coalition Technologies quadruple its headcount, and by bringing the right employees into the fold, revenues and profits doubled. If you are ready to grow your team the right way, click here to sign up with TestedRecruits and receive a free trial.

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