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If you are an experienced business owner, you understand how much work it takes to grow a company. You need to study piles of resumes. You need to spend hours interviewing candidates. And when you struggle to find quality applicants, you have to dedicate far too much time to locating the correct option.

That’s why we’ve designed the TestedRecruits salesperson application tracking software to address the biggest challenges you face when it comes to the hiring process.

Designed and developed by an innovative team of creative and tech industry pros, our easy-to-use platform focuses on giving recruiters and executives the power to make meaningful, data-driven, and smart decisions. TestedRecruits’ advanced recruiting software helps you find the best applicants, rate them accurately, and easily schedule interviews.

With our system, you’ll find the right candidate for the job the first time, saving you plenty of time, money, and other resources. That way, you can expand your team at a pace that matches the rate of your company’s growth.

The Game-Changing Skills Test Feature

The TestedRecruits skills test feature is changing the way businesses grow. We automatically send applicants an assessment, which, when submitted, helps you separate the true contenders from those who are underqualified. You can choose from one of our free skills tests, or you can create your own exams that are customized specifically for each job listing.

These groundbreaking skills tests make sure you don’t have to waste time reviewing resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, and training people who wouldn’t be a good fit at your company.

Here are some of the other features of the TestedRecruits salesperson applicant tracking system:

  • Begin Hiring Immediately  When you register with TestedRecruits, all you have to do is complete four easy steps, and you can have your job listings online in less than an hour.
  • Tiered Pricing Options  Our software is available at different pricing tiers to meet the needs of your company. Pay-as-you-go plans start at only $17 per month.
  • Valuable Reports  Our software can produce detailed reports so you can review the effectiveness of our recruiting campaigns, who are the best applicants, and much more.
  • Add Unlimited Users  It is free to add as many users as you want, and every user’s permissions can be managed.</i
  • Publish Your Listings to Indeed and Google  We automatically post your job listings to Indeed and Google, ensuring you quickly get the qualified applicants you seek. </span
  • Embed Your Jobs Page  We offer a single line of code that you can copy and paste onto any page of your website to host your job listings.
  • Expert Support  Our team of knowledgeable support staff is always around to answer your questions via email, video, or phone.

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