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Hiring managers are faced with myriad challenges when it comes to finding star talent. From receiving too many unqualified applicants to high competition in the job market, recruiting is not what it was a decade ago. With an ever-growing gap between the demand for top talent and the number of jobs in the market, Houston, TX can be one of of the most competitive markets for hiring managers.

To overcome these challenges, companies need to rethink the way they recruit new candidates. TestedRecruits offers a faster and easier way to attract, track, evaluate and recruit the best potential candidates to fill critical job positions. With our Houston applicant tracking software, finding the top talent you need the first time gets much easier, saving you valuable business time, money and resources.

Free Basic and Customized Skills Tests

Our TestedRecruits skills test feature is the ultimate solution when you want to quickly grow your team. Simply choose a free basic skills test from our large library of skills tests or create your own personalized or customized skills test to send to each new applicant. Once they’ve submitted the tests, your recruitment team can then rate each test and score the applicants so the best can be sorted first.

With this revolutionary skills test feature, you can easily determine the best candidates to hire. Make significant strides in your hiring process by saving yourself the money, time and resources that would have been spent reviewing numerous resumes, conducting unnecessary interviews or even training applicants who haven’t met your specific job standards.

The TestedRecruits Houston applicant tracking software comes with more unique features:

  • Start Hiring Immediately  Follow our simple walkthrough four-step process and have your job postings live in under an hour after joining our revolutionary ATS software.
  • Actionable Reports  Whether you want to know how many successful recruits you’ve had over a certain period, assess the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts or increase the number of applicants, our detailed reports offer you actionable insights that you can take action on.
  • Affordable Pricing  Start as low as $17 per month. We offer different pricing tiers to suit your business recruiting needs.
  • Post Jobs on Google and Indeed  Significantly increase the number of quality applicants you get by using our automatic posting feature to the top job boards in the market.
  • Dependable Support Team  Whether you have questions or need help using our game-changing application tracking software, feel free to contact us via phone, email or video.
  • Show Customized Job Pages on Your Site  We provide you with a copy-and-paste single line of code that ensures your job pages are embedded on your site easily. Use our API feature to create branded job listings.
  • Unlimited TestedRecruits Users  Want to add more users from your company? Our system allows you to add as many users as you want and also manage their permission levels free of charge.

Start Your Free Trial Today

If you‘re looking for a more effective way to transform your recruiting process, count on TestedRecruits Houston applicant tracking software. Coalition Technologies, a leading SEO company, relied on our revolutionary system to double revenue and profits in the last year while also increasing the number of applicants they get on a monthly basis–– from 200 to over 5000. Grow your team with our proven system. Sign up to get started with a free trial now!

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