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Finding the best talent to handle the ever-increasing day-to-day administrative duties of an organization is a challenge. Without qualified candidates to fill in the critical office assistant position that every business needs, you’ll be putting your operations at risk. To source, interview and hire the best applicants for your company, you need a reliable and comprehensive staffing solution.

The TestedRecruits office assistant staffing software gives you a competitive edge by offering you a simple yet highly effective way to move applicants through the recruitment process faster and with better results. With innovative features, you’re assured of getting data-driven results to enable you to get the most qualified candidates for your open job position the first time. This saves your company time and money in the process, allowing you to focus your resources on expanding your team at a rate that meets your goals.

Revolutionary Skills Test Feature

Revolutionize the way you conduct your staffing process with our skills test feature. Automatically send each applicant who visits your job page a basic skills test selected from our huge library of skills tests, or customize your own skills test on our recruitment platform to ensure that applicants meet your specific job expectations. After an applicant submits a test, your recruitment team is automatically notified so they can rate and score the tests before choosing the top talent.

These tests provide deeper insights into an applicant’s capabilities, and allow you to avoid the hassles that come with reviewing thousands of resumes that may not necessarily meet your job requirements.

The TestedRecruits office assistant staffing software provides more advantages compared to other leading job sourcing systems, including:

  • Get Started is a Breeze  Our 4-step setup process is straightforward and designed to help you get your job postings live right away.
  • Fully-Integrated Staffing Solution  TestedRecruits is fully-integrated to offer a complete staffing solution that is optimized to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your recruiting team.
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-Use  With a focus on usability and superior design, our staffing software is easy to learn, allowing you to complete tasks with fewer clicks.
  • Configure Your Job Postings  Configure your job postings with our customizable API solutions and post on job channels like Google and Indeed to get better quality applicants.
  • Accurate Reporting  Get the data you need to make critical decisions in your recruitment processes with our accurate and comprehensive reporting and analytical features.
  • Scalable Pricing  We offer a scalable pricing structure for all types and sizes of businesses with no hidden fees. Get started from as low as $17 a month.   
  • Superior Customer Support  In case you have questions, our superior customer support team is ready to assist you via phone, email or live video chat.

Watch a Free Live Demo Now

Want to learn more about the TestedRecruits office assistant staffing software? Our staffing software helped Coalition Technologies increase their monthly applications from 200 to 5,000 and was crucial in helping them drive revenue and profits to double-digits. Watch our free live demo and register for a free trial today!

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