New York City Applicant Tracking System

Finding the right people to fill positions at your business can be difficult, especially in an area with so many seemingly qualified job seekers. So how do you sort out the right candidates for your openings? The TestedRecruits New York City applicant tracking system has been specifically designed to help you manage the challenges faced during the recruiting and hiring process.

Advanced Recruiting Software

TestedRecruits uses advanced recruiting software to help you sort through job applicants to find the most qualified people for the position. To accomplish this, our software helps you rate candidates according to qualification and fit, and even helps you easily schedule interviews.

The TestedRecruits recruiting solution helps you save valuable time, money, and resources by allowing you to quickly identify the best candidates for the position. This lets you find the right people to help your business continue to grow.

A Revolution in Recruiting

Many times, applicants look good on paper, but aren’t able to accomplish the basic tasks required to successfully work the position. Our skills test feature eliminates the guesswork and helps you identify those applicants that have the skills required to accomplish the job.

Our New York City applicant tracking system runs applicants through a series of basic tasks they will be asked to perform on a daily basis—allowing you to quickly identify the perfect candidates for the position. Our easy to use recruiting software allows you to choose between a pre-written test or a customized skills test you’ve created. The simple test interface is easy to use for both recruiters and candidates.

Save Time and Resources

Think of the time and resources you could save with a simple test that helped you identify the perfect candidates for your open positions. But that’s not the only feature of our New York City applicant tracking system that’s changing the way people fill job openings.

Some other groundbreaking features include:

  • Quick, Easy Start-Up  In just four simple steps you can get started. In less than an hour you’re postings will be online.
  • Automatic Search Engine Postings  Your job postings are automatically listed on Google and Indeed—giving them maximum exposure on the most popular job sites.
  • Comprehensive Reports  TestedRecruits software lets you run detailed analytics reports to help you identify the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy.
  • Unlimited Users   Let your whole team be in on the process. You can add unlimited users to our recruiting system.
  • Priced For You  We offer several different pricing tiers. This allows you to get the service you need within your budget.
  • Full Support  Finding the right candidate happens at all hours of the day. Our free support service is ready to answer your questions via phone, email, and even video.

Start Your Free Trial Today

The TestedRecruit system works. Are you ready to build the team with the skills and dedication required to take your business to the next level? Sign up today and find the perfect candidates for your team with our New York City applicant tracking system.

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