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To grow a business successfully, you need to build your team with the right employees. Unfortunately, doing so is often an arduous task — one that eats up a lot of time and money. Moreover, traditional hiring methods can make it difficult to know if you made the right choice.

The TestedRecruits salesperson ATS system helps you identify the top applicants from the rest, rate candidates based on quantitative data, and quickly schedule interviews. With our innovative recruiting solution, you can bring the right people on board in an efficient manner, saving you valuable resources while streamlining your hiring process along the way.

A Better Recruiting Method

By using the TestedRecruits revolutionary skills test feature, candidates will be assessed on day-to-day tasks they would need to perform if offered the job. You can choose from one of our free, pre-written tests, or you can customize your own test tailored specifically for each position. Once the candidates have filed their tests, your team can break down the responses to determine who should be considered for the job.

These exams can save yourself the time of reviewing mountains of resumes and guessing whether or not someone can handle the job. No longer will you have to waste time interviewing subpar candidates. And no longer will you have to worry about training new employees who aren’t as qualified as they seemed during the interview process.

Here is a look at some more of the groundbreaking features of the TestedRecruits salesperson ATS systems:

  • In-Depth Reporting  With our analytics reports, you can examine the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, discover top applicants, and learn which job ads are performing best.
  • Easy Start-Up  By completing four easy steps, you can get your job postings online in less than an hour.
    • Appear on Google and Indeed  Our system automatically lists your job postings to Google and Indeed, helping top applicants find your listings.
  • Unlimited Users  It is free to add as many users as you want to the system.
  • Free, Flexible Support  Our support team is always around to answer questions, and is available via phone, email, and video.</i
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers  TestedRecruits is available at different pricing tiers to match the size and scale of your company. Prices start at just $17 per month.
  • Advanced Filtering Tools  By taking advantage of our advanced filtering tools, you can instantly sort candidates based on location, skills test score, and more.

Begin Your Free Trial Today

In less than two years, TestedRecruits’ software helped Coalition Technologies quadruple the size of their team, double their profits, and double their revenue. Are you ready to be the next company to join the recruiting revolution? Sign up for our salesperson ATS systems today and receive a free trial.

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