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With the demand for new talent spiking in Dallas, TX, corporate recruiters are facing a mounting challenge to find the best-skilled candidates for open job vacancies. While Dallas is home to one of the most thriving US job markets, many businesses are still struggling to attract top-tier talent. While there are different reasons why applications are low, every business still needs to be able to attract good people to achieve the best results.

TestedRecruits is the Dallas recruitment software of choice when it comes to offering your business the right solution for recruiting the best-qualified talent. Build a desirable team to match your growth needs even with a limited recruiting budget. Our recruitment software ensures quick and hassle-free sourcing of the right candidates to fill your vital roles.

New Skills Assessment Feature

Our TestedRecruits recruitment software comes with a new skills assessment feature that allows you to send each applicant a simple skills test to gauge their ability to perform basic job tasks. Our system allows you to choose from an extensive library of free skills tests or customize your own skills test to match your specific job requirements. After applicants have submitted the tests, our system allows your recruitment team to easily and quickly analyze their responses.

With our comprehensive applicant tracking and recruitment processes, our innovative skills test feature offers you a complete solution to sourcing, evaluating and hiring the best talent. Save valuable time, money and resources that would otherwise have gone towards evaluating numerous resumes manually, doing the wrong interviews and even training candidates who don’t fit the bill.

Our TestedRecruits Dallas recruitment software comes with other features including:

  • Get Started in 4-Easy Steps – Our simple setup process ensures your job postings are live in under an hour.
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics  Easily source, screen and interview the most qualified candidates based on our detailed and data-driven insights. Automatically identify the top-rated applicants or know how your recruitment is performing.
  • Simple Multi-Tier Pricing  Enjoy our pay-as-you-go pricing option with monthly payments only based on what positions you currently have active jobs for. Start from as low as $17 a month.
  • Automatically Push Your Jobs  Our system enables you to post your job listings to Google and Indeed so that you can get access to a huge list of applicants that you can start interviewing.
  • Enjoy Unlimited User Access  Add as many people as wish to your company account and designate your recruiting team and any other users specific permission levels.
  • Easily Show Your Job Listings on Your Website  We provide you with a single line of code so you can easily and quickly embed your job listings on your website. Our API feature enables your developers to completely customize and display job ads any way you wish.
  • Find the Best Talent Fast  Our skills test based interview process enables you to find the most qualified candidates fast – with the best sorted first.
  • Quick and Dedicated Support  We have a professional support team ready to answer your questions via email, phone and video.

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Want a recruiting solution that offers a wide variety of screening and skills testing solutions? Learn how TestedRecruits helped Coalition Technologies doubled their revenue and profits over the last one year and increased their applications from 200 to 5000 per month. Our TestedRecruits Dallas recruitment software allowed them to source, interview and hire the best talent for critical job positions. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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