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It’s no secret that both small businesses and large organizations face challenges when it comes to sourcing the best of the best for their customer support teams. These roles are critical to sustaining a positive relationship with customers to build loyalty over time. Today, finding, interviewing, and hiring the right support team talent just got easier.

TestedRecruits customer service representative staffing software is a revolutionary recruiting solution that gives you the tools you need to source the best candidates, ensuring a quick and efficient hiring process. Our system is designed to help you streamline your recruitment process so you can meet the rising demand for new talent in your company.

Automated Skills Test Feature

Our TestedRecruits skills test feature enables you to send out basic skills tests to each applicant for your job opening to transform the way you recruit new support team members. You can choose from our free library of basic skills test or easily customize your own test using our intuitive editing tools. Your recruiting team can review and rate each candidate and make a better informed decision about who to move through the hiring funnel.

With our game-changing staffing software, you don’t have to spend countless hours browsing through resumes, scheduling applicant interviews or even training candidates who don’t fit your needs. Now, you have clear data that lets you know which candidate is up to the job.

The TestedRecruits customer service representative staffing software includes the following advantages over other recruiting systems:

  • Easy Account Setup  Get your account set up in a breeze using our simple four-step process. Watch our 11-minute walkthrough video to see how the live TestedRecruits software works.
  • Automated Candidate Sorting & Scoring  Use our automated skills test based interview process and enjoy seamless candidate sorting and scoring so you can find the best people fast.
  • Simple Site Integration  Want to embed your jobs page on your website? We have a single line of code you can copy and paste on any page of your site. Use our API feature to customize and display your jobs the way you wish.
  • Post on the Most Popular Job Boards  Automatically push your jobs to Google and Indeed to get many more applicants for your job position.
  • Add Unlimited Users for Free  Add as many users as you wish to your company account and give them specific permission levels. Get charged only for live job postings.  
  • Deep Insights and Reports  Want to get deeper insights into your staff’s efficiency when it comes to recruiting? Our staffing software offers detailed reports that keep you in the know.
  • Simple Multi-Tier Billing  Enjoy our scalable pay-as-you-go multi-tier pricing, starting at $17 a month.
  • Enjoy Fast Support  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our outstanding support team via phone, email or live video chat.

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Coalition Technologies used TestedRecruits to find the best applicants for the various positions, enabling them to achieve double revenue and profit figures last year. Use the proven TestedRecruits customer service representative staffing software to help you find, interview and hire top talent. Get your free trial today!

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