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In order to hire the best, you’ll have to attract the best candidates. But the truth is, many Houston companies are faced with a huge challenge when it comes to sourcing top talent. To grab the attention of top performers and encourage them to apply, companies need to find a new, innovative technologies in order to create the team that will drive them into the future.

TestedRecruits Houston staffing software helps you take advantage of revolutionary features that are designed to help you find the best qualified candidates faster and more effectively without wasting too much time, money or valuable business resources. Track, evaluate and hire the best team for your job positions without much hassle. Our system is what your recruiters need to streamline your staffing needs and ensure you only get the best of the best.

Revolutionary Skills Test Feature

Whether you want to measure a candidate’s ability to learn quickly, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions or want to evaluate a candidate’s key drivers of job motivation, TestedRecruits comes with a superior skills tests feature that enables you to easily assess the alignment of a candidate’s skills with the demands of the job. Simply choose from our free basic skills test library or create customized skills tests that you can send to each new applicant.

Our pre-employment skills tests quickly and easily allow you to test for the necessary skills needed for the job with confidence. Once an applicant submits a test, your recruitment team is automatically notified so they can rate and score for comparison to other candidates. This way, our skills test feature ensures accurate scoring and sorting of the very best candidates.

Our industry-changing TestedRecruits Houston staffing software offers more in terms of features:

  • Get Up-and-Running in 4-Easy Steps  We’ve created a simple 4-step process that ensures your job postings are live online in under an hour of signing up with us.
  • Source the Best Talent Fast  Our pre-employment skills tests allow you to interview and view the best candidates with the highest skills sorted first.
  • Easy Site Integration  Use our simple line of code to embed your jobs page on your business site with little hassle. You can also customize the look of your ads with our API development feature.
  • Get More Quality Applicants  We streamline your applicant sourcing needs by providing an automatic job listing feature that pushes your job postings to Indeed and Google.
  • Unlimited User Access  One company account allows you to add unlimited users free of charge. Whether you want to add more applicants or recruiters, you can do it and even provide specific system access and permission levels.
  • Accurate Reporting  Whether you want more insights about the different stages of your recruitment process––sourcing, screening or onboarding––our staffing software offers comprehensive reports to help you make better hiring decisions.
  • Straightforward and Secure Billing  Pay only for active job positions you have live on our system. We offer various multi-tier pricing options, starting as low as $17 each month.
  • Quick and Dedicated Support  Contact us via phone, email or live video in case you have any question.

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Whether you want to fill in a single position in your business or want new talent for a complex team project, relying on the right Houston staffing software is critical to finding the most qualified candidates. Discover how TestedRecruits can help your copy meet its hiring goals faster and more effectively. Get started with a free trial today!

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