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Hiring skilled talent is critical to your company’s growth and success rate. The best candidates will no doubt help you achieve your goals and objectives. Due to the importance attached to searching for the best talent, it’s not surprising that most recruiters face significant challenges when trying to source new team members. From poor quality of candidates to acceptance of offer then subsequent withdrawal and even time-consuming shortlisting processes, these challenges can be a threat to progress.

The TestedRecruits Austin ATS system provides an innovative solution to the challenges associated with sourcing, interviewing, and hiring the right candidates. Our revolutionary applicant tracking system offers your recruiting team the right tools, data insights, and automation needed to quickly and effectively fill your open job positions. This not only saves your company valuable time and money but also helps you solve your recruitment challenges.

Attract Top Talent with Less Effort

It’s no secret that the right automated recruitment software helps attract top talent. When it comes to sourcing the most qualified candidates, you need access to powerful online tools that help you find and interview candidates faster. With the TestedRecruits innovative skills test feature, you’ll be able to give a basic skills test to each applicant from our extensive free library or create a customized skills test using our easy-to-use editing tools.

You’ll be notified automatically once an applicant submits their skills test so your team can rate the responses quickly. Our Austin ATS system is designed to streamline the recruitment process while also allowing applicants to upload more information like their resumes, portfolios, and short skills videos.

The TestedRecruits ATS system comes with a number of additional features:

  • Straightforward Setup  With automated pre-written or customized skills tests, sample job posting ads and a straightforward four-step process, you can get started in less than an hour.
  • Visual Hiring Pipelines  Get a fast overview of your hiring status. See the number of applicants and potential candidates at every stage of the recruitment process for every job.
  • Rich Candidate Profiles and Reports– Get deeper insights into candidate profiles and reports on resumes sent, team communication, scorecards, and scheduled interviews among others.
  • Automated Candidate Evaluation  Structured skills tests ensure you only get the right candidates for evaluation, so that you can get actionable feedback from your hiring team.
  • Advanced Candidate Database  Keep an automatically updated and searchable record of every candidate who has been sourced in the past or applied.
  • Unlimited Access – Provide access to the Tested Recruits Austin ATS System to as many users as you want and control their permission levels with the click of a button.
  • Affordable Tier Pricing  We understand the need for businesses to be mindful of budgets when hiring new staff. That’s why we offer multiple pricing options to meet your specific needs.
  • Reliable and Quick Support  You can contact us via phone, email or video if you need any help.

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TestedRecruits recruitment and applicant tracking software offers the recruiting automation you need to get your company started. Post your jobs on Google and Indeed and enjoy seamless interview scheduling with our game-changing software. Our Austin ATS System helped Coalition Technologies achieve double digit increases in new team members in just two years.

Want to source, interview and hire top talent faster? Try TestedRecruits now for free!  

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