Seattle Applicant Tracking System

The success of your company is directly tied to the quality of your team. And it’s no secret that  finding the best candidates to fill open job positions is more challenging than ever for hiring professionals. Between increased competition, limited resources, and an ever-expanding applicant pool, having a reliable recruitment system in place is mandatory for creating a team you can count on for years to come.

TestedRecruitsSeattle applicant tracking system gives your recruitment process the power to find the most qualified applicants quickly so you can fill positions and grow your company faster. With our automated skills test feature, advanced reporting tools, and intuitive interface, your recruiting team can easily find the right person for the job the first time –– saving you significant time, money, and resources.

The Groundbreaking Skills Tests Feature

The TestedRecruits groundbreaking skills tests feature enables you to identify the most qualified candidates for the job faster. With this feature, every candidate who submits an application automatically receives a skills test –– one you’ve chosen from our extensive basic skills test library or one you’ve customized for the position with our easy-to-use editing tools. Your team can quickly evaluate each skills test, rank the candidates based on their scores, and schedule follow up interviews as necessary.

With TestedRecruits, you can make better hiring decisions, improve recruiter productivity, and easily manage your recruiting process from the simple interface of ourSeattle applicant tracking system. The valuable data provided through our skills tests will allow you to put the days of sifting through resumes and cover letters in the past. As a result, your team works smarter and more efficiently to hire better employees for your business.

Our applicant tracking and recruiting software offers several advantages, including:

  • Get Started Fast  Follow our simple four-step process and get your job postings running online in less than an hour.
  • Seamless Integration  Our recruiting software integrates seamlessly with your website, enabling you to completely customize and display your jobs in any way you like.
  • Find Candidates Quickly  Save time and reduce errors by using our automated tools to easily capture applicant information and find the right candidates based on your needs.
  • Post Jobs on Google and Indeed  Our automated recruiting solution lists your job postings to leading job sourcing channels like Google and Indeed for the widest audience.
  • Actionable Reports  Make better decisions and identify areas for improvement in your recruitment process by using our comprehensive and actionable analytical reports.
  • Unlimited User Access  Add an unlimited number of users to your TestedRecruits account –– at no extra charge.
  • Multiple Pricing Options  Get access to TestedRecruits at multiple pricing tiers designed to suit the size and scale of different businesses.
  • Dedicated Support  Our quick and dedicated support experts are always ready to assist you and answer your questions, via email, phone, and video.

Get Started with TestedRecruits Today

Coalition Technologies has successfully used our revolutionary recruiting software to quadruple their team and achieve double revenues in the last years. Discover how TestedRecruitsSeattle applicant tracking system will enable your company to recruit better talent faster and more effectively. Start growing your business with TestedRecruits.Start your free trial today!

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