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Recruiting qualified office assistants who can handle the growing administrative demands of today’s ever dynamic organizations is a challenge for any hiring team. These office assistants perform key administrative duties and provide critical support for executives and associates alike. Your recruiting team needs an innovative solution to meet these challenges if your company is going to achieve its most ambitious growth goals.

The TestedRecruits office assistant ATS system is designed to deliver optimal recruiting performance to companies of all sizes. Built to overcome the unique challenges of today’s recruitment processes, our revolutionary hiring software unifies and automates your manual recruiting processes to help you source better talent quicker and more efficiently.

Groundbreaking Skills Test Feature

Having access to applicant resumes alone is not enough to assess their ability to perform their jobs as expected. Our revolutionary skills test feature enables you to choose suitable skills tests for your job position from our free basic skills test library, or custom build automated skills tests for each job posting. Using this feature, your recruiting team has access to more insightful data related to each candidate and can make better-informed hiring decisions.

The TestedRecruits skills test feature saves your team countless hours of manually evaluating applicants, interviewing candidates who aren’t right for the job, or worse, training new hires who ultimately don’t make the cut.

The TestedRecruits office assistant ATS system comes with a variety of advantages over similar recruiting solutions, including:

  • Easy 1-2-3-4 Setup Process  Get started with a free trial account and have your job postings live in less than an hour, so you can start recruiting right away.
  • Easy and Fast Site Integration  Embed your jobs page on your site using a single line of code. Want customized branding for your company? We offer an API to enable your developers to customize the display of your jobs.
  • Automatically Post Your Jobs on Google and Indeed  Get more quality applicants by pushing your job listings on top job channels like Google and Indeed.  
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting  Get a more in-depth look at each step of your recruitment and applicant tracking processes. See what you’re doing right and where you can make changes for a more effective hiring process.
  • Free Unlimited User Access  Want to add more users to your company account? TestedRecruits enables you to add unlimited users for free with designated permission levels.  
  • Scalable Multi-Tier Pricing  Start as low as $17 a month with our scalable multi-tier pricing options.
  • Fast, Professional Support  Have questions to ask? Contact our support team via phone, email, or video.

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TestedRecruits helped Coalition Technologies build a more qualified and productive team which saw them double their profits and revenue in the last year alone. Enjoy a more streamlined and effective recruitment process with our proven skills test based interviews. Want to know how we can help you expand your team? Sign up for our free TestedRecruits office assistant ATS system trial today!  

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