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For any business, achieving growth largely relies on having a skilled and highly adaptive team. But finding high-quality candidates isn’t always easy, and one wrong hire can have a lasting negative impact your company. So, how do you find the best people in a timely and cost-effective manner?


The TestedRecruits Austin applicant tracking software is designed to address these common recruitment challenges. With its advanced recruiting tools, our software makes it easier to find the most talented candidates and identify those who are right for the job quickly. By incorporating smart automation into your recruiting strategy, TestedRecruits saves your recruiting team time, money, and valuable resources.


The Innovative TestedRecruits Skills Tests


With the TestedRecruits game changing skills test feature, every candidate who submits an application to your job posting will automatically receive a skills test customized for that position. Simply choose from our free skills test library or opt to design your own pre-employment skills test. The result is a measurable increase in qualified applicants, recruitment accuracy, and retention rates which reduces your overall hiring costs.


By using our groundbreaking recruitment solution, your hiring team has more than just a resume and cover letter; TestedRecruits gives your team state-of-the art tools to review applicants in a faster, smarter way –– with more relevant data to determine that candidate’s ability to do the job. Once you’ve narrowed down your potential hires, you can easily schedule interviews through the system and track an applicant’s progress through the hiring funnel.


Some of the additional features of the TestedRecruits Austin applicant tracking software  include:


  • Simple Set Up  With a fast and simple start up process, you can have your job postings and associated skills tests up and running in less than hour.


  • Detailed Reports  With our innovative reporting tools, you can get more accurate insights into your recruitment pools, review the effectiveness of your hiring process and get to know the top-rated applicants.


  • Powerful Hiring Tools  Our innovative recruiting and applicant tracking tools help you unify candidate profiles, aggregate recruiting information in one place and add new prospects to your company account.


  • Professional Support  Whether you have questions or need help with setting up our Austin applicant tracking software, our reliable support team is here to help you – via phone, video and email.


  • Multiple Pricing  Our TestedRecruits applicant tracking software is available in multiple pricing options to meet both small and large business needs. Start as low as $17 a month.

  • Structured Interview Process  With time-saving enhancements, easily schedule interviews with successful candidates and seamlessly integrate your leads with accurate feedback.

  • Free Trial  Get started with a straightforward four-step process, and have your job postings running across multiple online sources like Google and Indeed in under an hour.


Start Your Free Trial Today


Find out how Coalition Technologies used the revolutionary TestedRecruits software to double their revenue and quadruple their team in just two years. Take advantage of our free trial to see how we can help you source, interview and hire the most qualified candidates for your company. Request your free trial of TestedRecruits Austin applicant tracking software today!

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