Customer Service Representative Recruitment Software

Recruiters in any organization come up against various challenges when trying to hire new workers, especially for customer service positions. Considering the vital role that support team members play in maintaining positive relationships with your customers, finding the perfect match for your open job position is critical.

The TestedRecruits customer service representative recruitment software provides your organization with the necessary tools needed to recruit, hire and onboard support team members in a more timely and efficient manner than traditional recruiting tools. With our innovative hiring solution, you’ll enjoy automated job postings, customizable skills tests, and advanced reporting to improve your recruiting process from top to bottom.  

The TestedRecruits Skills Test Feature

The TestedRecruits skills tests feature gives you access to a wide selection of free basic skills tests from our extensive library, or you can customize each skills test to your liking. Our customer service representative recruitment software automatically sends these skills tests to your applicants, providing your team with valuable data to make better hiring decisions.

TestedRecruits recruiting software makes it easy for your team to review each test and rate candidates, helping you to identify the best talent to interview and hire from your huge list of applicants. Save your organization numerous hours of going through resumes, conducting interviews, and training new hires that don’t fit your job position.  

Our TestedRecruits customer service representative recruitment software offers great features:

  • Straightforward Setup  Follow our simple four-step process to post your job applications online in less than an hour. Our process is designed to ensure fast talent sourcing.
  • Extensive Job Marketing  Automatically list your job postings on top recruitment channels like Indeed and Google and find top-quality candidates faster.
  • Quick Site Integration  Embed your jobs page anywhere on your business website using our simplified single line of code. This ensures a seamless internal hiring process.  
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics  From helping you know the total number of applicants, successful interviews, highest rated applicants and hiring trends, our TestedRecruits advanced reporting features provide you with actionable insights for your recruitment process.
  • Add Unlimited System Users  Whether you’re a small business or large organization, our recruitment software is designed to handle an unlimited number of users. Add them to your account at no extra cost.
  • Affordable Multi-Tier Pricing  We offer businesses of all sizes a multi-tier pricing plan, starting at $17 per month, pay-as-you-go.
  • Professional and Friendly Support Have any questions? You can contact our professional and friendly support team via phone, email or live video chat.

Get Started With Tested Recruits Today  

TestedRecruits customer service representative recruitment software helped Coalition Technologies streamline their hiring process and played a critical role in assisting them to double their revenue and profits, as well as increasing their monthly applications from a mere 200 to 5,000. Our recruitment solution is designed to help organizations scale and address their hiring challenges easily and quickly. Ready to get started? Request your free trial today!

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