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To ensure that your company reaches its full potential, you need to fill your staff with the right people. Not only do you need workers with the right technical skills; you need workers who fit your culture, too. Of course, finding people who check all the boxes is a difficult task. That’s why at TestedRecruits we have dedicated ourselves to helping companies like yours locate the best candidates.

Our secretary recruitment software helps you find qualified applicants to fill that crucial secretary, assistant, or receptionist role, filter out those who do not meet expectations, and do so in a timely manner. Our advanced recruiting solution can help you target the right person off the bat, allowing you to grow your business quickly.

Comprehensive Skills Tests

The TestedRecruits skills test feature is changing the way businesses find new employees. By using our system, you can choose one of our free skills tests to send to every candidate, or you can design your own exam to perfectly match the demands of the job. Your team will be able to rate each assessment individually and weigh each question how you choose.

These tests help you understand how applicants would handle the some of the most important tasks the job entails, meaning you won’t have to read resumes, interview, or train those who don’t have the skill set you are seeking out.

Here are some of the other features included in our secretary recruitment software:

  • Detailed Reports  You will be able to run comprehensive, qualitative reports to break down the efficacy of your recruiting efforts, the number of applicants from each sourcing location, the highest-rated applicants, and plenty more.
  • Post Your Jobs to the Best Sites  Our applicant tracking system automatically sends your job listings to Indeed and Google, bringing in more top applicants.
  • Top-Notch Support  Our talented support team will always be available to answer your questions by phone, video, or email.
  • Various Pricing Tiers  TestedRecruits gives you the choice of several pricing options,  with pay-as-you-go plans that begin at just $17 each month.
  • Embeddable Jobs Page  You can embed your job listing on any page of your company’s website. All it takes is one line of code. </i
  • Add As Many Users as You Want  You will have the freedom to add an unlimited number of users to the system, and each user can be designated with a specific permission level.
  • Simple Set Up  All it takes is four easy steps, and your job postings are up and running. You will be able to start hiring in less than an hour.

Start Your Free Trial Now

Are you ready to build a team that can help your business reach its most ambitious goals? If so, you can gain access to our revolutionary secretary recruitment software today. Click here to sign up with us and begin your free trial with TestedRecruits.

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