Office Assistant Applicant Tracking System

Every organization struggles with the need to recruit new talent to fill up new positions as operations expand. Secretarial and office assistant positions may be the most underrated positions in a company, but play a critical role in administration support and workflow management. Hiring the best talent for office assistant positions is no easy task. You need candidates who meet your job requirements and who can handle their responsibilities smoothly.

The TestedRecruits office assistant applicant tracking system is the leading choice for any hiring team that wants to make their recruitment and applicant tracking process much easier and effective. Find the best talent for your office assistant positions the first time, every time.

Game-Changing Skills Tests

With our revolutionary TestedRecruits skills test feature, each candidate who applies for your job automatically receives a skills test. You can choose from our extensive free skills test library, or opt to customize your own job-specific pre-employment skills tests. Once the applicant submits their test, your team can review their responses to help you rate each candidate and find the best of the best.

Our skills tests give you deeper insights into the abilities and expertise of each candidate; you no longer need to rely solely on padded resumes and lengthy cover letters to determine who is worthy of a follow-up interview. Now, you have clear, actionable data that lets you know which candidate is ready for the job.

Enjoy these features with our TestedRecruits office assistant applicant tracking system:  

  • Get Started Fast  Our simple four-step setup process is designed to have your job postings live online in under an hour.
  • Interview Thousands of People Per Month  Our automated skills test based interview process helps you test and interview thousands of applicants for skills in a simple and cost-effective way.
  • Quick and Easy Job Page-Site Integration  We offer you a simple way to integrate your job postings onto any page of your site with a simple line of code. Use our API feature to customize your job ads to match your company branding.
  • Post Your Jobs on Indeed and Google  Get more applicants for your job positions by posting to the most popular job channels: Google and Indeed.
  • Get In-Depth Reports  Whether you want to get detailed reports on your recruitment sourcing efforts, interview success rates or your recruitment team challenges, our TestestRecruits applicant tracking system offers comprehensive and in-depth reports.
  • Unlimited Software Access  One company account gives you unlimited user access and capabilities to designate specific permission levels to users.
  • Secure Multi-Tier Billing  We charge you on a pay-as-you-go basis. Check out our multi-tier billing options. Start as low as $17 for one job posting.  
  • Dependable Support  Our fast and reliable support is available via phone, email or video.

Try for Free Today

Looking for an applicant tracking system that can take your business to the next level? Find out how organizations like Coalition used TestedRecruits recruitment software and office assistant applicant tracking system to double their overall revenue and profits in the last year, as well as to quadruple their monthly applications. Contact us to learn more or try out our free trial today!

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