Month: July 2018

Los Angeles ATS system

Your business can only be as successful as the team that drives it, which is why recruiting and hiring the right people is so critical to achieving sustainable growth. If you’ve struggled to find the right candidates for the job, you’re likely familiar with the expenses of headhunting firms and the ineffectiveness of most applicant […]

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Los Angeles Recruitment Software

Your business is more than just the products and services you offer your customers. It’s the team you assemble to create those products and provide those services –– but also to build the culture that can define what kind of business you’re going to be. Building that ideal team isn’t easy, and putting it together can […]

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Los Angeles Applicant Tracking System

If you’re a growing business, you know how difficult finding and hiring the right people for the job can be. That’s why we’ve designed our Los Angeles applicant tracking system to address the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to the hiring process. TestedRecruits advanced recruiting software helps you find qualified applicants, rate those […]

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