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Security Guard ATS Systems

A company’s health is strongly tied to the quality of its employees, and if you run a business that requires security personnel, then you know how important it is to staff that team with great people. The problem is, doing so is often an arduous task, one that hiring managers dread. That’s why TestedRecruits created […]

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Security Guard Application Tracking Software

A business is only as effective as the quality of its employees. If your company needs to staff a security team, then you understand how important it is to locate the right people for those positions. In the past, recruiters needed to spend hours upon hours going over resumes. They needed to sit through interviews […]

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Security Guard Staffing Software

Staffing a company with the right people is one of management’s most important tasks. If your company requires security personnel, a lot of measures need to be taken to ensure the best candidates are brought on board –– the safety of your staff depends on it. For many businesses, doing so effectively and efficiently is […]

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