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Bartender Recruitment Software

Finding the right staff members is one of the most important parts of operating a successful restaurant or bar. Without quality cooks, servers, and bartenders, patrons will inevitably have poor experiences, and business will, in turn, take a turn for the worse. Problem is, finding top-notch employees is not a simple task in the service […]

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Bartender ATS Systems

One of the most difficult tasks for those who operate bars and restaurants is to maintain a staff of qualified, personable employees. Talented cooks, servers, and bartenders can greatly improve a patron’s experience. On the other hand, underwhelming workers can worsen or ruin a customer’s time in your establishment. As plenty of managers know, consistently […]

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Bartender Applicant Tracking Software

When operating a bar or restaurant, one constant challenge is maintaining a quality staff. Turnover is inevitable in the service industry, and, as a result, managers always dedicate a lot of time and energy to hiring new employees. That process can be grueling, which is why TestedRecruits developed its bartender applicant tracking software. Bartenders are […]

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