Security Guard Staffing Software

Staffing a company with the right people is one of management’s most important tasks. If your company requires security personnel, a lot of measures need to be taken to ensure the best candidates are brought on board –– the safety of your staff depends on it.

For many businesses, doing so effectively and efficiently is harder today than ever. People are applying for jobs at sky-high rates, and working through all those resumes, cover letters, and references can be an onerous task—one that eats up a lot of time, money, and other resources.

Our innovative TestedRecruits security guard staffing software By utilizing our system, you can quickly zero in on qualified job seekers, schedule interviews, and find the right choice the first time around. That way, you can avoid frustrating holdups and grow your company at an ambitious pace.

The Recruiting Revolution is Here

The TestedRecruits skills test feature is changing the way businesses recruit. Once candidates apply for a position, our system automatically sends them an exam. You can choose to use a free, pre-made test, or you can create unique ones that are tailored for each individual listing. We made the interface simple and easy to use for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Once your recruiting team receives the test results, it can weed out the underwhelming applications with ease. That means your staff will not have to spend hours reading through subpar resumes, interviewing candidates who wouldn’t be good fits, or making hires who lied about their qualifications or are not as talented as they seemed.

Here is a look at some of the other features of our security guard staffing software:

  • Exhaustive Reports  You will be able to run detailed, data-driven reports to see where your applicants are coming from, how effective your recruiting efforts are, and plenty more.
  • Add As Many Users as You Want  You will never be charged for adding more users to the system. What’s more, you can designate your users with different permission levels.
  • Sensible Pricing Options  We offer several different pricing options to meet the recruiting needs of each client. Pay-as-you-go plans begin at only $17 a month.
  • Painless Set Up  Eager to get your job listings online? All you have to do is complete a simple four-step process that takes less than an hour.
  • Send Your Jobs to Google and Indeed  Our software will automatically publish your job listings to Indeed and Google, bringing a lot of talented candidates to your application.
  • Easy-to-Embed Pages  If you want to list your job postings to your website, you can do so by entering in a single line of code that we provide.
  • Expert Support  Our team of top-notch support staff is ready to answer all of your questions via phone, video, or email.

Start Your Free Trial Today

TestedRecruits is a proven recruiting solution. In less than two years, we helped Coalition Technologies double the profits, double their revenue, and quadruple the size of their staff. If you are seeking ambitious results, too, click here to sign up and receive a free trial of our security guard staffing software.


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