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Growing a company the right way is a monumental task. While there are many people seeking employment in security, it is difficult to zero in on the best candidates. Indeed, when you post a quality job listing online, you are bound to be inundated with a mountain resumes. Sifting through those applications can take far too long, as can scheduling and conducting interviews.

That is why we created TestedRecruits security guard recruitment software. By implementing our hiring solution, you can easily find talented candidates, rate those candidates in a way that makes sense for your company, and schedule interviews in a snap.

Changing the Recruiting Industry

By utilizing TestedRecruits’ game-changing skills test feature, your applicants will automatically receive exams that run them through the kind of tasks they would need to perform for your business. You can choose to use our pre-written tests, or you can build customized exams that are customized for the position you want to fill. The interface is simple and easy to use for both the recruiters and applicants.

No longer will you have to spend hours sifting through piles of resumes and cover letters. No longer will you have to sit through interviews with those who are clearly not good fits. No longer will you have to guess whether a candidate is equipped to handle his or her new role. And no longer will you have to train new hires who aren’t as qualified as they seemed.

Here are some more features included in our security guard recruitment software:

  • Easy Setup  Setting up our system requires less than an hour. All it takes is a simple, four-step process.
  • Unlimited Users  You will have the ability to add as many users to the system as you would like. Additionally, you can designate every user with a specific permission level.
  • Valuable Insights We make it easy to download comprehensive, data-driven reports to examine your recruiting efforts, how many applicants are coming from every sourcing location, and plenty more.
  • Expert Support  Whether you want to get in touch via phone, email, or video, our support team is ready to answer your questions.
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers  We offer an array of pricing options to ensure we meet the recruiting needs of your business. Pay-as-you-go plans start at just $17 per month.
  • Post Your Jobs to Indeed and Google  Our system will automatically publish your job applications to Indeed and Google, bringing the top candidates to your listings.
  • Embeddable Jobs Page  You can embed your job listings on any page of your website. All it takes is copying and pasting a single line of code that we provide.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Simply put, TestedRecruits’ hiring solution works. We helped Coalition Technologies double their profits and increase their size of their team four-fold, and we did so in less than two years. If you are ready to grow your team the right way, click here to sign up for a free trial of our security guard recruiting software today.

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