Security Guard Application Tracking System

Growing your business requires you to find employees willing to go above and beyond, and highly qualified security guards can protect you when you need it most. The TestedRecruits security guard application tracking system can make it easy to find the best applicants and avoid the frustrating obstacles that are often present during the hiring process.

With our advanced recruiting solution, you can efficiently rate candidates, schedule interviews, and receive valuable insights on your recruiting efforts. We make it easy to find the right employee in an efficient manner, saving you time, money, resources, and the unneeded stress that comes with a long search.

A Revolutionary Way to Recruit

Our innovative skills test feature allows you to evaluate your applicants based on tasks relevant to the job. You will have the option of using our free, pre-written exam, or you can create your own to ensure the applicants are being asked about the skills and traits you are looking for in an employee. We designed the test feature to be clean and simple to use for everyone involved.

These tests will help you weed out underwhelming candidates. This means you won’t have to read through mountains of resumes and cover letters. You won’t have to spend hours interviewing job seekers who are not right for your business. And you won’t have to hire members of your security team who aren’t as skilled as advertised.

Some of the other features in our security guard application tracking system include:

  • Simple Set Up  When you are ready to get started with TestedRecruits, all you need to do is complete four easy steps. We make sure you can get your job listings on the internet in less than an hour.
  • Post to Google and Indeed  Our recruiting software automatically sends your postings to Indeed and Google, making sure the best job seekers find your applications quickly.
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers  We offer a variety of pricing tiers to fit your needs. Plans start at only $17 a month.
  • Versatile Support  Our expert team of support staff is standing by to answer your questions over the phone, through email, and on video.
  • Unlimited Users Available  You can add as many users as you want to the system for no added cost.
  • Thorough Reporting Tools  Our analytics can offer vital insights into your recruiting process, candidate pool, and plenty more.
  • Easy Integration  If you want to embed your jobs page onto your website, all you need to do is copy and paste a single line of code that we provide.

Start Your Free Trial Today

Coalition Technologies, a leading SEO marketing agency, used TestedRecruits to double their revenues, double their profits, and quadruple the size of their team. If you are looking for similar results, click here to sign up with TestRecruits and begin a free trial of our security guard application tracking system.

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