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The foundation of every great business is the team that runs it. But finding the right people to carry out your vision can be difficult, especially in New York. So how do you put together a staff of creative, hardworking, dedicated people? TestedRecruits New York City staffing software helps you identify the most qualified candidates to help you grow your business.

Our recruiting solution helps you quickly move the best candidates through the application and hiring process. Using data, analytics, and automated testing our staffing software helps you cut through the clutter of resumes to spot the people most suited for your brand.

Advanced Skills Testing

Most applicants look good on paper. Many times, you won’t know if an applicant is a good fit for your business until after the training process begins. Our skills testing takes the guesswork out of hiring and gives you hard data to help you make your staffing decisions. This can save you valuable time and resources when deciding which candidates to bring in for interviews or which similar candidates to choose from.

Create a Customized Skills Test

You create the skills test your applicants take. You can choose from our extensive question and test library and you can even create your own questions and tests. Each applicant is automatically sent the test. Our staffing software allows to to rate candidates and even schedule and manage interviews.

Skills testing isn’t the only benefit of our New York City staffing software. Some of the other features of our recruiting software include:

  • Fast and Easy Set Up  Our simple set up process means you can have job postings online in less than an hour. We even feature help wanted templates to help you write the perfect posting.
  • Jobs Posted to Google and Indeed  Our New York City staffing software automatically posts your job openings to Indeed and Google—giving you full exposure on popular job posting sites.
  • Tests and Questions Library  Our comprehensive, modifiable tests and questions library gives you the tools to create a personalized test to help you find the right candidates.
  • Comprehensive Reports  Review the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts with data-driven reports and improve your hiring strategy.
  • Cut and Paste Job Posting  We give you a single line of code that lets you add branded job postings on your website.
  • Expert Support  If you have any issues or questions our expert support staff is available to assist you by phone, email, or video chat.
  • Pricing to Fit Your Budget  TestedRecruits offers various pricing options to meet your needs—we even offer plans starting at $17 per month.

Start Your Free Trial Today

TestedRecruits helps connect you with the most qualified candidates for your job openings. Our New York City staffing software helps you test and rate applicants, schedule interviews, and analyze the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy. Sign up for your free trial today and start building your dream team!

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