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A company is much more than its services, products, and revenue. A company grows and succeeds because of its team; its best, brightest, and most innovative leaders, negotiators, creative gurus, and analytical masterminds.

Building the perfect team takes time and strength. Whether you’re looking for a single, passionate candidate to take your business to the next level or a whole team of industry leaders, TestedRecruits is your best resource for finding the most qualified and dedicated professionals.

Our Mission

TestedRecruits was designed and developed by an innovative team of creative and tech industry professionals. With a focus on giving recruiters and executives the power to make meaningful, data-driven decisions, our platform is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for companies and candidates alike.

Intuitive Features

Getting Started

Creating an account with TestedRecruits is a breeze—there’s no need to link accounts manually. Create your company account with a click of a button, and you’re well on your way. It’s even easier to invite users. Simply upload your contact list from Gmail, Outlook, your phone, or even a CSV file and an invite will be sent to each email.

Company Accounts

TestedRecruits makes managing job applications simple. Through your company account, you can easily manage multiple job postings, the creation of skills tests, and more. It also allows companies to easily filter through their applicants and search for any outside candidates that fit your parameters.

Professional Profiles

TestedRecruits isn’t just for companies and recruiters—our platform offers the best way to break into the crowded job market. With our professional job profiles, an applicant is able to not only build the perfect resume, but link to references and take public skills tests. TestedRecruits makes it easy to schedule interviews, and ensures all your applications and offers are easily accessible.

Rating System

Our rating system is an easy way to move applicants down the hiring pipeline, allowing companies another option for filtering the best candidates. By providing a rating for each applicant at every stage of the hiring process, hiring managers and companies receive an average rating to ensure they’re hiring the right candidate.

Tiered Pricing

We understand the importance of building the best team you can. That’s why we offer tiered prices for job posting, allowing small companies access to the same great candidates as corporate recruiters and global enterprises. For just $17 a month, you can have one active job posting on your company account.

Companies looking to post more job offers as well as recruiters with large client bases can contact us for more options.

Join TestedRecruits, and start building your ideal team. Contact us with any questions, and start your free trial today!

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