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The demand for highly qualified workers has many companies in growing sectors like the construction and tech industries in Houston facing unique hiring challenges. With business owners and companies understanding the value of building the right team, more companies are scrambling to attract and retain reliable and qualified employees. The right solutions are needed to source top talent. TestedRecruits Houston ATS system offers just that––a reliable solution.

TestedRecruits simply changes the way you’ve been handing your applicant tracking and recruitment process. Save valuable time by setting up filters for desirable candidates so you can separate unqualified applicants from the best qualified ones. Our ATS system lowers the cost of your recruitment process by allowing all your candidates to be evaluated in one central platform. Access the tools you need to track and recruit top candidates at any time you wish.

Proven Skills Tests Feature

Our TestedRecruits skills test feature offers what you need to truly assess and test new applicants for your job positions more effectively. Send each applicant who applies for your job a free basic skills test or a customized skills test that matches your job requirements and allow your team to rate and score them based on your specific parameters.

Our employee applicant tracking and assessment tools help you hire smarter, develop new talent and drive results by connecting individual skills to company growth and performance. Use our proven skills test feature to select candidates who perform better, stay longer and fit your company’s work culture. In short, TestedRecruits provides your hiring team with a roadmap for success.

Learn more about our TestedRecruits Houston ATS system features below:

  • Comprehensive Reporting  Our applicant tracking system is designed to offer you actionable and accurate data that offers you tremendous value.
  • Extensive Library of Benchmarked Skills Tests  Use our free basic skills tests or opt to customize your own skills test to suit your job specific needs.
  • Strategic Candidate Recruitment  Test and interview the best candidates in an easy-to-use recruitment platform.
  • Quick Set Up  With our full set up checklist, our system enables you to post your jobs live online in less than an hour. Simply follow our 4-step process.
  • Professional Support  Need help with using our recruiting software? Have a question to ask? Contact our fast support via phone, live video or email.
  • Increase Your Pool of Applicants  Our recruiting software enables you to automatically post jobs on Google and Indeed so you get more qualified candidates quickly.
  • Unlimited Access to Our Tools  If you want to add more users to our system, we offer free unlimited access to your company account with individual permission levels.
  • Flexible and Secure Billing  Opt for any of our multi-tier pricing options, starting as low as $17 per month.

Get Started With a Free Trial

TestedRecruits helped Coalition Technologies quadruple their monthly applications from 200 to 5000 and double their profits and revenue in less than two years. Want to see how our recruiting solution can do the same for your business? Start your free trial of the TestedRecruits Houston ATS system today. Sign up now!

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