Houston Applicant Tracking System

The battle for the most qualified candidates to fill in new job positions or drive new projects is intensifying as more companies in Houston, TX face the labor challenges that enterprises are facing across the US. If you’re looking for a better and more effective way to address your recruiting needs, our Houston applicant tracking system is what you need.

The TestedRecruits recruiting solution helps streamline your applicant sourcing and tracking process so you can find the best talent from thousands of applications quickly and effectively. With features designed to save you money and time, our system helps you take care of what matters most––finding the talented applicants you need to grow your business.

Test and Know Before Your Hire

The success of your business depends on a great team. Want to improve your chances of hiring the best of the best? TestedRecruits comes with a game-changing skills test feature that enables you to hire better employees faster. Easily predict job performance and assess the cognitive ability, motivation and personality of each applicant by sending them our free skills tests or customizable skills test to suit your specific job requirements.

Make more informed hiring decisions and improve your employee retention rates with our revolutionary skills test feature. Our applicant tracking system offers an easy way to avoid the time-consuming and resourceful process of evaluating thousands of applications, conducting numerous interviews and training substandard candidates.

Our Houston applicant tracking system offers a range of more features, including:

  • Easy to Set Up  Watch our 11-minute walkthrough video of how the live TestedRecruits system works. Have your job listings live in under an hour in 4 simple steps.
  • Source Top Talent Fast  Our skills tests make it easy to find, evaluate and view the best candidates available to fill in an open job position.
  • Run Your Job Listings on Your Website  We provide a simple line of code to embed your jobs page on your business website and an API feature to customize the look of your job ads.
  • Get More Applicants at No Extra Cost  Our application tracking system automatically pushes your job listings to top job sourcing markets like Indeed and Google.
  • Enjoy Unlimited User Access  Want to add more users to your company’s TestedRecruits system? Do so free of charge and designate each user permission levels as you wish.
  • Detailed Recruitment Reports  Our applicant tracking system offers advanced recruitment reporting and analytics to help you improve hiring time and efforts by your recruiting team.
  • Multi-Tier Pricing  Enjoy industry-leading features from as low as $17 with our flexible multi-tier pricing options.
  • Reliable and Dedicated Support  If you have any questions, feel free to talk to our reliable and dedicated support team via phone, email or video.

Free TestedRecruits Trial Available

TestedRecruits Houston applicant tracking system streamlines your entire candidate sourcing and hiring process to make it easier for your hiring team to add top-quality employees. To see how TestedRecruits can fundamentally change your recruiting process, request a free trial today!

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