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Finding great coaches is a challenge that gym owners constantly face as competition for top talent continues to heat up in the fast-growing fitness market. You need world-class trainers with extensive experience and proper certifications to instruct fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels –– but that can be easier said than done. Now, there’s a better way to recruit the best-qualified gym coaching applicants.

TestedRecruits is the gym coach recruitment software of choice when you want to fill up that critical position to grow your fitness facility and membership base. Our superior recruitment software gives you the tools you need to source, track, interview and hire the best candidates, whether you’re looking for one gym coach for your first location or multiple trainers for your expanding franchise.

Groundbreaking Skills Test Feature

Take your fitness training business to the next level with our hands-on skills test feature. You can now automatically send each gym coach job applicant a basic skills test from our huge and free library of tests, or you can simply customize your own skills test to fit your specific job requirements. Once an applicant has submitted the test, your recruitment team can quickly and easily analyze the results and assign a score to determine the best candidates.

Save your gym money, time and precious resources that would otherwise end up in manually evaluating countless resumes, interviewing subpar candidates, or training unqualified applicants.

The TestedRecruits gym coach recruitment software offers more features, including:

  • Get Started in a Breeze  Our recruitment software is designed to help you get started in 4 easy steps. Have your job listings live online in less than an hour.
  • Post Your Jobs on Indeed and Google  Increase the number of quality applicants you get for your gym coaching job with our automatic job listing feature.
  • Comprehensive & Detailed Reports  Whether you want to identify the top-rated candidates for your job position or find ways you can improve your recruitment process, our recruitment software provides accurate and detailed reports.
  • Show Job Listings of Your Site  We provide you with a single line of code so you can show your job listings on your site and a simple to use API feature to customize the display of your jobs.
  • Professional Support  Get the help you need when you have questions or concerns. Contact us via phone, email or live video.
  • Unlimited User Access  With one single company account, you can add as many users as you like with designated permission levels on an individual level.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing  We offer multi-tier pricing options that suit businesses of all sizes. Get started with TestedRecruits from as low as $17 per month.

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Wondering how our TestedRecruits recruitment software can help you recruit the best gym coaches for your fitness facilities?  Start with a free trial today to discover how our TesteRecruits gym coach recruitment software can help you build a better team!

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