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If you own a gym, you know how hard it is to retain members and keep them coming back. Part of achieving that goal lies in having the right team. That means hiring the best qualified and most experienced personal trainers and coaches. But the truth is, getting top talent to fill in these critical positions is not easy. With challenges like low applicant numbers and even worse, unsuitable applicants for open job positions, you need a new recruitment approach.

This is where our TestedRecruits gym coach ATS system comes in. Designed to help businesses like yours find and track top talent for your open job vacancies, our hiring solution makes it easy for you seek out the best personal trainers for your gym. Get the data and automation you need to easily and quickly find, assess and interview the best candidates, and in the process save your business valuable time and money.

Revolutionize Your Hiring Process

Our revolutionary skills test feature is what makes our TestedRecruits ATS system unique. We provide you with a free skills tests library that you can choose from or a customized option where you can edit skills tests using our simple-to-use interface to suit your job requirements. Send a skills test to each applicant so you can determine if they have the basic skills and knowledge needed to perform professional gym training tasks.

Once applicants have submitted tests, our ATS system automatically notifies your recruitment team so they can rate the responses and instantly score each applicant, with the highest rated first. Applicants can also easily upload more information like their resumes, job-related videos and other qualification data on our recruitment system. This ensures you have the data you need when you want to expand your team.

Save your business money, time and resources that often go into processing countless resumes manually, training unqualified recruits or conducting unnecessary interviews with our applicant tracking system.

The TestedRecruits gym coach ATS system has other outstanding features:

  • Straightforward Setup  Get started in four easy steps and post your jobs online in less than an hour.
  • Add Unlimited Users  Add an unlimited number of recruiters and users to your company account and designate each of them with specific permission levels.
  • Advanced Filtering Options  Instantly sort gym training applicants by location, qualifications, skills tests scores and other metrics using our advanced filtering tools.
  • Complete Analytics & Reporting  Get deeper insights into how your recruitment team is performing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Post Job Listings on Top Job Boards  Increase the number of qualified applicants you get for your gym coaching job with our automatic job posting feature on Google and Indeed.
  • Reliable and Fast Support  We’re always available to offer fast and reliable support. Have a question? Talk to us via phone, email or video.
  • Reasonable Pricing  We offer multi-tier pricing that ensures your business enjoys great services at reasonable pricing. Start as low as $17 a month.

Start Your Free Trial

The TestedRecruits ATS system helped Coalition Technologies achieve double profits and revenues in just two years –– driven by an increase in quality applicants: from 200 to 5000 a month. Want to get quality applicants for your gym coach and personal trainer positions? Try our TestedRecruits gym coach ATS system for free today!

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