Gym Coach Applicant Tracking System

One of the biggest challenges that fitness center owners and managers face is finding quality, educated fitness coaches. Professional instructors are just as important a part of the business as their members. How can facility owners ease the burden of instructor recruitment while increasing the quality of their gym training team? These challenges can be overcome by planning and executing a comprehensive recruitment plan – we can help you do that.

TestedRecruits revolutionary gym coach applicant tracking system helps you find the most qualified applicants and rate them using our skills test based interview process. Our applicant tracking system gives you the peace of mind you need when it comes to filling open gym vacancies. Find the top talent you need for your gym coaching job the first time and save your business money, time and other resources.

Game-Changing Skills Test Feature

Our TestedRecruits ATS system comes with a game-changing skills test feature that makes it easy for you to test applicants without dealing with the long processes of manually going through countless resumes and conducting the wrong interviews. Simply send each new gym coaching applicant that applies for your job a specific skills-based test to determine if they can perform the basic tasks required to perform effectively in your gym.

Choose a pre-written skills test from our free library or create a custom skills test that you tailor to suit the specific requirements of your gym coaching job. Designed with a simple to use interface, our applicant tracking system makes it easy for both recruiters and applicants to achieve their goals.

Our TestedRecruits gym coach applicant tracking system offers other unique features:

  • Quick and Simple Setup  Our applicant tracking system is designed to be quick and simple to use. Follow our 4-easy step process and have your gym coaching job listing live online in under one hour.
  • Post Your Jobs on Google and Indeed  Want to significantly increase the number of quality gym coaching applicants that you get? Out ATS system allows you to automatically push your jobs on the top jobs boards online.
  • Easy Site Integration  Integrate job listings on your site effortlessly with our single line of code and use our API feature to customize and display your jobs in any way you wish.
  • Accurate Reporting  Want to get deeper insights into your recruitment efforts? Get all the data you need to streamline your applicant sourcing, interviewing and recruitment processes, so you can quickly identify top talent for your gym coaching job.
  • Unlimited Users  Our applicant tracking system allows you to add as many users are you want to your company account with the option to designate specific permission levels to each user.
  • Fast and Reliable Support  Our friendly and experienced support is always ready to answer your questions via phone, email or video.
  • Flexible Multi-Tier Pricing  We offer flexible pay-as-you-go pricing options to suit your business needs. Sign up from as low as $17 a month.

Get Started With TestedRecruits Today

If you’re looking for a gym coach applicant tracking system that enables you to track and screen the best-qualified applicants for your open job positions, look no further but TestedRecruits ATS system. Ready to get started? Sign up for TestedRecruits free trial today!

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