Grocery Store Cashier Staffing Software

Finding qualified applicants to staff your grocery business can be a challenging process. You need to sort through resumes, schedule interviews, and hope that new hires have the skills necessary to actually do the job. Our grocery store cashier staffing software takes the guesswork out of the hiring process.

We designed our advanced recruiting software to help you quickly identify the most qualified candidates for the job. Our innovative recruiting system uses skills testing, online job listing sites, comprehensive reporting tools, and much more to help you bring in the candidates most suited to your business needs.

Advanced Skills Testing

What sets our grocery store cashier staffing software apart is our revolutionary skills testing. Applicants are automatically sent a basic skills test that assesses their ability to complete the tasks required by the job. You create the skills test from our extensive library of customizable questions and tests. You can even create your own questions.

Applicants are able to upload resumes and short introductory videos of themselves to help you gain a more complete picture of their fit in your grocery business. You can rank candidates based on skills test results, past experience, and much more. This saves you valuable time and resources and minimizes the risk of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit.

Skills testing is just one of the amazing features of our grocery store cashier staffing software. Some of the other features include:

  • Easy Startup  It’s fast and simple to get started. In just four easy steps you can have job listings posted in less than an hour.
  • Automatic Posting to Google and Indeed  We automatically post your job listings to Google and Indeed—meaning your job opening get wide exposure on the most popular job listing sites.
  • Customizable Templates  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. We offer an extensive template library to help get you started—from job listing templates to customizable test questions.
  • Advanced Reporting  Our reporting section lets you run detailed, data-driven reports to help you understand the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.
  • Multiple Pricing Options  We offer various pricing options based on your needs. With plans starting as low as $17 per month you can find your dream team and stay on budget.
  • Free Expert Support  If you ever have questions or issues our expert support staff is here to help—via phone, email, or video chat.
  • Unlimited Users  Get your whole team involved with unlimited user access. You can even set user limits to protect sensitive information.
  • Easy Embedding  With a simple line of code, you can post branded job listings to your site.

Start Your Free Trial Today

With TestedRecruits, you can put together a qualified, dedicated team to help you carry out the vision of your grocery business. Our grocery store cashier staffing software helps you quickly and accurately identify the best candidates for your job openings. Sign up for your free trial today and build your dream team.

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