Grocery Store Cashier Recruitment Software

Building the ideal team to help you run your grocery business can feel like a daunting and time-consuming task—but it doesn’t have to. TestedRecruits uses advanced recruitment software to help you quickly assemble a dedicated, highly-qualified staff.

Our grocery store cashier recruitment software is the perfect tool to help you fill your job openings with qualified candidates. Using data analysis, skills testing, applicant ranking, and more, TestedRecruits allows you to quickly identify the perfect applicants to fill out your staff. Whether you’re looking for a single candidate or wish to expand your team with multiple new hires, we can help you find the best candidates for the job.

Put Their Skills To The Test

What makes our grocery store cashier recruitment software so innovative is our revolutionary skills testing process. Each applicant is automatically sent a basic skills test that assesses their ability to successfully complete tasks the position might require. Our software allows you to test and rank applicants—giving you a more complete picture of the qualification of each candidate.

TestedRecruits provides a full library of basic tests you can choose from. You can modify the available questions to fit your needs and you can even create your own questions. The skills test helps take the guesswork out of the hiring process. Our software even helps you schedule interviews once you’ve determined which candidates are a fit for your team.

Skills testing is only one of the many valuable features of our grocery store cashier recruitment software. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Easy Set Up  It’s easy to get started. Our simple four-step process means you can have job listings posted in less than an hour.
  • Template Library  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. We offer an extensive library of templates for test questions, job listings, and more to help you get the ball rolling.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools  Our comprehensive reporting helps you determine the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.
  • Automatic Posting on Google and Indeed  Our recruitment software automatically pushes your job listings to Indeed and Google—giving you wide exposure on popular job listing sites.
  • Prices to Fit Your Budget  TestedRecruits offers multiple pricing tiers to help your business find your team and stay on budget. Plans start as low as $17 per month.
  • Free Support  Any time you have questions or issues our expert support staff is standing by to assist you. Support is available via phone, email, and video.
  • Unlimited Users  Give your whole recruitment team access to your account. You can even set levels of access for various users.
  • Unlimited Applicants  We never limit the number of applicants or skills tests for your listings. This gives you unlimited exposure for your job openings.

Sign Up For Your Free Trial Today

Are you ready to recruit the most qualified applicants for your job openings? We can help. Sign up today for your free trial of our grocery store cashier recruitment software and start building your dream team.

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