Grocery Store Cashier Applicant Tracking System

Finding the right people to grow your grocery business can be difficult and time-consuming. We built our grocery store cashier applicant tracking system to help you overcome some of the most frustrating challenges of the hiring process.

Our system helps you quickly identify the most qualified applicants, allows you to rate each applicant, and even helps you schedule and manage applicant interviews. This not only helps you hire the right people, it saves you valuable time and resources by taking the guesswork out of staff recruitment.

Recruit With Confidence

One of the most difficult aspects of hiring new staff members is knowing the difference between those candidates who look good on paper and those who can actually do the work. Our advanced recruiting software automatically sends each applicant a skills test that assesses each candidate on a series of basic tasks they will be asked to perform on the job. We provide a wide selection of test questions you can choose from or modify—you can even create your own questions.

A resume can only tell you so much about an applicant. Our basic skills test allows you to rank prospective candidates based on actual performative skills. You can test applicants on basic cash register knowledge, customer service skills, and much more. This not only helps you to quickly identify the most qualified applicants it also saves you time and resources that would be wasted training staff that aren’t a good fit.

A skills test is only one of the many incredible features of the TestedRecruits grocery store cashier applicant tracking system. Some of the other groundbreaking features include:

  • Automatic Online Posting  We automatically post your job openings on Google and Indeed. This gives you maximum exposure on the most popular job listing sites.
  • Quick and Easy Start-Up  It’s fast and easy to post job openings. With just four steps to get started and a wide selection of job listing templates, you can have a listing up in as little as an hour.
  • Pricing Options  We offer several different pricing tiers to meet your needs. With service plans as low as $17 per month, we have an option that fits your recruiting budget.
  • Detailed Reporting  TestedRecruits delivers comprehensive reporting to help you optimize your recruitment strategy.
  • Unlimited Users  Get your whole recruitment team involved with unlimited user access to our grocery store cashier applicant tracking system.
  • Free Support  Our support team is there for you if you need questions answered or have issues. Support is available via phone, email, and video.

Get Started Today

Don’t waste time searching for your next hire—recruit them with the grocery store cashier applicant tracking system from TestedRecruits. Our proven system will help you quickly identify the most qualified applicants for your job openings. Sign up today for your free trial to see how TestedRecruits can help you build the perfect team for your grocery business.

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