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Companies often struggle to recruit new talent and retain employees. Many find it hard to source qualified talent to fill in new positions or form part of a new project team. With an ever-growing number of companies either moving to Dallas to start a business or shifting to the thriving metropolis, there is a high demand for top talent.

That’s where the TestedRecruits Dallas staffing software comes in. If you want to move your hiring process faster––from finding the best candidates to fit your job requirements to assessing their skills individually and interviewing them before picking the best talent, our staffing software comes with a range of features that streamline your recruitment process. Find the right candidates to grow your team while saving valuable time, money and other resources.

Superior Skills Test Feature

Transform how your company recruits new candidates for open job vacancies with our superior TestedRecruits skills test feature. Choose from our library of free basic skills tests or opt to customize job-specific skills tests that you can then send to each new applicant who applies for your job. After applicants submit the tests, your hiring team can then rate each test and score the candidates, moving the top performers to the top of the list.

If you want greater insight into your staffing process, our skills test feature is the ultimate solution for your needs. Learn whether applicants meet your minimum requirements for performing basic job tasks and save yourself the stress, lost time and money that goes into manually evaluating resumes and recruiting the wrong candidates for the job.

Our Dallas staffing software comes with a few more features:

  • Get Started Fast  Set your company profile, create skills tests, select sourcing locations and create job listings in under an hour in 4 easy steps.
  • Get Detailed Reports  Get comprehensive data reports to ensure you’re making the right decisions and taking the right steps to improve your recruitment process.
  • Get More Applicants for Free  Post your job listings on Google and Indeed and get a wider audience of more qualified candidates.
  • Embed Your Jobs Page on Your Site  We offer a simple line of code to get your customizable job listings showing on your website pages in a simple and straightforward process.
  • Automatically Test & Interview Applicants  Save time, money and resources by using our skills test feature to test and interview as many applicants as you want with ease.
  • Unlimited TestedRecruits Access  Our staffing software allows unlimited user access with designated permission levels for your company account free of charge.
  • Fast and Outstanding Support  Quickly contact us via phone, email or video if you have any questions.
  • Simple and Secure Billing  Pay only for the active job postings you have and enjoy unlimited user access, skills tests, applicants, reporting data and more. Enjoy multiple tier pricing starting as low as $17 a month.

Find the Best Qualified Candidates Fast

Coalition Technologies used TestedRecruits to improve their recruitment process, resulting in a significant improvement in the number of applicants they got every month––from 200 to 5000 and also played a key role in helping them double their revenue and profits over the last year. Learn how our Dallas staffing software can help you source, interview and hire the best talent. Start with a free trial today!

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