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Operating restaurants and bars can be exhausting work. Between the daily, unforeseen obstacles, the long-term planning, and the need to keep customers happy, managers have a lot on their plate.

Another part of the job that tends to create a lot of headaches is hiring. Indeed, throughout the service industry, maintaining a strong, capable staff requires constant attention. To make that process easier, TestedRecruits has developed bartender staffing software that can change the way you assemble your team.

A Modern Age Testing Feature

The innovative skills test feature is what sets our recruiting solution apart from the rest. Whenever someone applies for a job through the TestedRecruits system, they are automatically sent an assessment to complete online. Recruiters can choose to send a free, pre-written test from our library, or they can build their own exams with our user-friendly editing tools. Those who opt for the latter can ensure that candidates answer a set of relevant questions before meeting face-to-face.

That makes the interviewing stage far easier to handle. By gaining a strong understanding of each applicant’s skills, background and character, the kind of information a resume alone cannot provide, you can make sure each interview is worth your time. That way, you won’t spend hours speaking with unqualified bartenders, and you won’t have to give extra training to new hires who aren’t as proficient as expected.

Here is an overview of some of the other features included in our bartender staffing software:

  • Painless Setup  You can get your listings online in less than an hour. All you have to do is complete four simple, straightforward steps.
  • Reach Candidates on Indeed and Google  The TestedRecruits system automatically posts your listings to Indeed and Google, where a bevy of strong candidates is always searching for work.
  • Intelligent Reports  The TestedRecruits reporting tools have the data you need to improve your recruiting efforts, target the best applicants, and more.
  • Embeddable Job Postings  With one line of code that we provide, you can publish a branded job listing on any page of your establishment’s website.
  • Insightful Filtering Tools   By utilizing our advanced filtering tools, you can quickly organize candidates based on their location, test scores, and more.
  • Unlimited Users Permitted   You can add as many users to the TestedRecruits system as you want, and you will never be charged extra to do so. Each user can be given a specific permission level, too.
  • Different Prices for Different Needs  We know that every business has a unique budget, which is why we offer various pricing options, beginning at only $17 per month.
  • The Support You Deserve  Our expert support team can be reached at any time through the phone, email, and video.

Join the Recruiting Revolution Today

If you are ready to streamline your hiring process, it is time to get started. Click here to begin your free trial of the TestedRecruits bartender staffing software today.

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